Skydome Stadium
SkyDome - Toronto (Canada)
Hotel Kempinski
Hotel Kempinski, Mazara del Vallo (TP)
Vincenzo Florio Airport
Vincenzo Florio Airport, Birgi (Trapani)
Buffa - Building materials
Vanico, Rehabilitation and Research Institute, Castelvetrano (Trapani)
Forth Mansions, Malta

Buffa - the Building Professionals

Technological innovation and know how at the service of the customer, humanity and the environment.

This is the underlying principle that for more than thirty-five years has inspired the Buffa company, and to this day characterizes the design and production of all its materials.

With extensive and decades-long experience accumulated both at home and abroad, and a high quality and level of innovation, Buffa is able to offer a comprehensive range of technologically advanced products and systems, while always exercising maximum care for the environment, namely:

base coats, adhesives and grouting cements for tiles, mortars and plasters, damp-proofing for walls, coatings for facades, high end decor paints and finishes, thermal-sound insulation systems for walls, floor slabs and floorings, waterproofing compounds for roofs, terraces and foundations, materials for repairing and protecting concrete, specific natural products for the renovation of historical and architectural buildings and monuments, special products such as primers, stabilizers, cleaners, etc.

With a technical staff expert in all the latest building developments and always willing to help, Buffa is capable today of meeting every requirement expressed by its customers in the trade, who can consequently rely on a single source for products and systems covering all their needs, wherever they may be: in Sicily, Italy or elsewhere.

As a promoter of research, technological innovation and a conscientious approach to ecology and environmental sustainability, Buffa contributes significantly to the improvement of living comfort and consequently of your health, and the health of those you care about.

All this is made possible by virtue of the fact that the corporate philosophy of Buffa is to focus R&D activity not only on the technical, visual and decorative aspects of its products, but also — and more importantly — on improving quality of life, energy saving and care for the environment.