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Centre for Innovative Systems

The advantage of
being able to grow,
becoming stronger and more

The Buffa company offers its many years experience in the field of building, guaranteeing products of the highest quality and equal to any challenge, today as always.

In 2010 Buffa presented its Centre for Innovative Systems brand, an ambitious and unique project founded on a generous and important package of products and systems guaranteeing superior performance in terms of quality, strength and technology applied to materials.

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Dedicated primarily to building materials and ceramic tile suppliers, the CENTRE FOR INNOVATIVE SYSTEMS is designed to cater for a dynamic clientele looking to grow and diversify, specializing in innovative systems that feature a wide range of superior quality products, created in line with the main European regulations and industry standards of interest to the building sector.

In effect, new customers signing up to the Buffa CENTRE FOR INNOVATIVE SYSTEMS initiative will become dealers in the true sense:

more solutions, more advantages, more business.

With more than 35 years of experience to its name, Buffa is carrying forward an imaginative project — the CENTRE FOR INNOVATIVE SYSTEMS — designed to raise the profile and status of the company along with its dealers

The CENTRE FOR INNOVATIVE SYSTEMS is an ideal partner able to meet every practical need of the building professional on a day-to-day basis.

It offers materials and systems featuring innovative technologies, able to respond effectively to the needs of professionals, now more pressing than ever.

In short, the CENTRE FOR INNOVATIVE SYSTEMS is a genuinely unique and innovative initiative in the building sector, designed to offer a high level of service, with maximum skill, dependability and competitiveness.

Activities within the CENTRE FOR INNOVATIVE SYSTEMS also include, by agreement with Buffa, the organization of training sessions with architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors, installers, tilers, builders, etc. aimed at promoting greater knowledge of materials and systems.

Thanks to the efforts of skilled technical and sales staff familiar with the very latest developments in their sphere of expertise, Buffa is able to meet all the needs of its CIS dealers, including requests for on-site surveys.

Accordingly, the CENTRE FOR INNOVATIVE SYSTEMS can rely on Buffa as a one-stop source adding value to it projects.

Buffa also helps to improve the environment in which we live, and therefore our health too, offering product lines and systems designed to maximize living comfort, and energy saving, for the buildings of today and of the future.

The CENTRE FOR INNOVATIVE SYSTEMS makes our job and your job that much better, every day.